Ikhwili Primary Library, Cwili

Kei Mouth, South Africa

We all feel excited about the accomplishment of the library project running successfully under the Principal, Mr. Sisilana and the Librarian Assistant, Maureen Balfor since September 2011, knowing that it will be benefitting many children and providing them with the “Gift of Literacy” empowering them towards a better lifestyle.

2016 ~ The children of the Ikhwili Library and Maureen thank you for your support. The kiddos were excited to be able to read in their mother tongue with the introduction of Xhosa books, and to select two books one in Xhosa and English to take home in their new backpacks with the wording “ndithanda ukufunda / I love reading.”

We were able to purchase $2000 worth of Xhosa and English books – about 500 total – to supplement the library and also provide reading materials for the children to use outside the library. Further donations were spent on: Maureen’s stipend, library supplies for paper, pencils, crayons, cleaning supplies, painting, and general repairs.  A Little Library, modeled on Maureen’s house, was erected outside her home in Cwili. The concepts of “bring a book, take a book” has caught on allowing for the exchange of books outside school.

Our GOAL is to work jointly with the teachers at Cwili Schools to ascertain their library needs, thereafter providing necessary materials, props, and expertise to operate a functioning facility. We believe such an onsite facility will provide a conduit for increased literacy, providing a means for personal growth and potentially enhanced career opportunities. 

We thank our supporters for their donations in making this project so sustainable.

Masixixole Nico Ntshablalala opened up his home in Cwili, Kei Mouth to Bernie Johnson for a “homestay” organized during an Edgewood High School tour of South Africa. A beautiful story as 5 years later they were able to train at the same dive school, sharing accommodation and supporting each other.

The generous donations that came in at various fundraisers have been able to support Nico’s dream “to have a job with the ocean.”

On November 1, 2016 diving classes began at Coral Go Pro – Coral Divers.

“Congratulations to Nico, who recently completed his PADI– Professional Association of Diving Instructors and his SSI – Scuba School International certifications.

Kidlinks World is very proud of Nico and all his accomplishments, and wishes him all the best and long term success.”

Nico is so grateful and says, “Thank You, Thank You, USA.”

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